My name is Fredrik, and I was born and raised in the beautiful country of Norway 🇳🇴. I am 17 years old!

I started with programming in primary school, I learned Scratch at that time. I liked programming after we did the Scratch classes, so I decided I wanted to learn more. I started learning Python, but It wasn't really what I wanted to learn. I wanted to learn how to make websites, and so I did.

I mainly program with PHP and JavaScript. My main go-to framework for PHP must be Laravel. I also use Vue.js and Tailwind CSS for my front-end! I also have a little experience with C#, GoLang, Lua, and Rust.

One of my best projects yet have to be my Fortnite Stats Tracker, which you can see on the project page! I am proud of this project, and I have learned a lot just by making this web app. This project was also made with Laravel and Vue.js.

I have used a lot of text and code editors in the past few years. I switched a lot from Atom to Brackets, but when I found VSCode everything changed. I coded much better and faster with this tool since it has good IntelliSense. I found an even better IDE for my development, and that was PhpStorm. When I first tried PhpStorm, I fell in love with this tool. It helped me a lot trough when coded with Laravel.