Things I've made on my spare time.

Here you can find some projects I've made on my spare time. You can find more projects on my GitHub if I haven't updated this page.

  • Bob Watts

    Bob Watts

    Bob Watts is a multipurpose bot that does many things, from Fun and Informative commands to Moderation and Logging commands! Bob Watts can be customized with many things like, custom Welcome/Goodbye messages, and moderation logging etc.


  • Fortnite Stats Tracker

    Fortnite Stats Tracker

    Fortnite stats tracker made with laravel + vuejs


  • Squeaker


    Squeaker is a Twitter clone made with Laravel and Intertia.js & Vue.js. Squeaker has the same features as Twitter like posting aka squeaking, following, liking, and more!


  • Tech World Express

    Tech World Express

    A simple ecommerce tech store called Tech World Express. Made with Laravel and Intertia.js & Vue.js. Tech World Express has a Product and Category pages with a working cart system!